Avanture Technologies provides complete range of PCB Design services in Chennai.

PCB design and Assembly will be highly complex in nature and provides excellence in PCB Layout Design and Assembly Solutions.

We focus on medium to high complex Printed Circuits Board Design Solutions.We deliver high quality single layer, double layer and multi layer high speed PCB Designs. Also, we provide the following services

PCB design

 High speed and high density PCB Design

Mixed Technology PCB design

Assembly and soldering Avanture Technologies deliver excellent service based on PCB Assembly and soldering solution based on Surface Mount Technologies and Through Hole Technologies.

We started our company with most professional personnel. Our PCB design experts have more knowledge on Electrical, Mechanical behavior on the layered circuits. We provide end to end support for the PCB design layouts, assembly and soldering. We deliver complete end-to-end manufacturing solutions based on new technologies. We are more responsive and willing to satisfy client needs and requirement.
So we perform,

 On Time delivery.

 We deliver designed layout based on client requirement with time precise.

 More accuracy.

 We are here to provide accurate service to full-fill design and solution based on client requirements.

 We provide consistency and reliability of service for long term relationship.

 Best quality of service.

Our experts will give best quality design and solution based on client requirements.