Industry oriented internship training                                           Duration :25 Hrs / per week

          We offer the electronics industrial oriented internship training for students and working professionals. This is advance course and it will be two weeks. Each week 25hrs will be given. First week learning must be applied in the second week for more practical exposure. If the participant more interested week2  then the topic 1 and 7 will be covered with it.

Course content: Week 1                             Duration: 25 Hrs

  1. Experimental verification of Circuit theory laws 
  • Basic laws and experimental verification of laws
  • Showing the reading and result in the practice
  1. Battery intro and Its applications
  • Battery introduction and Types of battery
  • Simple circuits and testing
  1. Transformer basics
  • Transformers basics and it is application
  1. Solar panel and Its applications
  • Solar panel and it’s application
  • Cell to cell Calculation in solar
  1. LEDs and Its Application
  • Types of LED and it’s application
  • Simple circuits for testing
  1. Power electronics industrial applications
  • Power electronics basics
  • Industrial applications
  1. Power supply
  • Basic blocks in the power supply
  • Power supply working demo and it is features

Course content: week 2                                                      Duration: 25 Hrs

Reverse engineering – 10 hrs

Participant must take two levels and it has to be completed with planned time duration.

Level 1. Basic circuit will be provided.                              Duration: 10 Hrs

  • Introduction on reverse engineering
  • Real time applications
  • Steps in reverse engineering
  • Basic circuit reverse engineering
  • Assembling the basic circuit and testing In the breadboard
  • Assembling the basic circuit into dotted board (general purpose PCB)
  • Possible Circuit optimization

Level2.   Advanced level                                                                Duration: 15 hrs

  • Provided Power supply board reverse engineering
  • Draw schematic diagram
  • Assembling the circuit into general purpose PCB and Testing
  • Assembling the circuit into final PCB board