Industrial oriented internship training                                                                             Duration :25 Hrs

We offer basic electronics industrial oriented internship training.

Training on basic electronics and lab experiments.

Topics list.

  1. Experimental verification of Circuit theory laws
  • Basic laws and experimental verification of laws
  • Showing the reading and result in the practice
  1. Battery intro and Its applications
  • Battery introduction and Types of battery
  • Simple circuits and testing
  1. Transformer basics
  • Transformers basics and it is application
  1. Solar panel and Its applications
  • Solar panel and it’s application
  • Cell to cell Calculation in solar
  1. LEDs and Its Application
  • Types of LED and it’s application
  • Simple circuits for testing
  1. Power electronics industrial applications
  • Power electronics basics
  • Industrial applications
  1. Power supply
  • Power supply basics.
  • Power supply working demo with it features
  1. Digital electronics and it basics
  • Logic gates explanations with experiments.
  • Functions of Inverting Amplifier, non-inverting Amplifier, summing Amplifier, Astable multivibrator